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Assist With Medication Administration For PSWs

  • Duration: 02 Days

  • Starting from 11-Oct-2023

This program is designed to introduce learners to the PSW's role in assisting with medication administration. This course is designed for those currently working in the field and includes a workplace lab component. Learners will explore the unique functions of the health care team and their responsibilities in administering medication, the components of the prescription, and the effect of medications on the body. Learners will be introduced to the pharmacology of medications. Additionally, learners will learn about monitoring parameters for the PSW and discuss specific ways to support clients receiving medications. Lastly, learners will explore the process of testing a client's blood sugar as well.

Please note this course is focused on the traditional role of PSW's in medical administration.

Benefits of this course:

  1. Enhanced Patient Care: Gain the skills and knowledge necessary to administer medication safely and accurately, ensuring the well-being of patients.

  2. Increased Employability: Acquire a valuable skill set that is highly sought after in healthcare settings, making you a more competitive candidate for job opportunities.

  3. Professional Development: Elevate your role as a Personal Support Worker (PSW) by adding a critical skill that expands your scope of practice and responsibilities.

  4. Reduced Risk of Medication Errors: Learn best practices for medication administration, reducing the potential for errors and contributing to a safer healthcare environment.

  5. Greater Patient Trust and Confidence: Demonstrating proficiency in medication administration instills trust in patients and their families, enhancing your relationships with them.

  6. Compliance with Regulatory Standards: Ensure adherence to healthcare regulations and standards, demonstrating your commitment to providing high-quality care.

  7. Career Advancement Opportunities: Open doors to new career paths and opportunities for advancement within the healthcare industry.

  8. Personal Fulfillment: Experience the satisfaction of knowing you are playing a vital role in the health and well-being of patients.

  9. Continual Learning and Growth: Stay updated with the latest practices and protocols in medication administration, contributing to your ongoing professional development.

  10. Contribution to a Collaborative Healthcare Team: Enhance your ability to work effectively with other healthcare professionals by taking on this crucial responsibility.

By completing this course, you will not only expand your skill set but also significantly contribute to the quality of care provided to patients as a dedicated and competent PSW.

Unlock Abundant Job Opportunities with This Course

Here are some potential job opportunities for individuals who have completed the course "Assist With Medication Administration for PSWs":

  1. Medication Aide: Work in long-term care facilities, assisted living centers, or nursing homes, assisting licensed nurses with medication administration.

  2. Home Health Aide: Provide medication assistance to patients in their own homes as part of a home healthcare team.

  3. Residential Care Aide: Administer medications to residents in group homes, residential care facilities, or other similar settings.

  4. Personal Support Worker (PSW): Enhance your role as a PSW by adding medication administration to your skill set, expanding your scope of practice.

  5. Community Health Worker: Support individuals in the community with medication management as part of a broader healthcare team.

  6. Assisted Living Facility Staff: Assist residents in assisted living facilities with their medication needs, ensuring they receive proper care and support.

  7. Hospice Care Aide: Provide end-of-life care, including medication administration, to individuals in hospice care settings.

  8. Rehabilitation Facility Staff: Support individuals recovering from injuries or surgeries with their medication regimens as they undergo rehabilitation.

  9. Correctional Facility Healthcare Staff: Work in a correctional facility, providing medication administration services to inmates under the supervision of licensed healthcare professionals.

  10. Healthcare Agency Personnel: Join a healthcare agency that provides medication administration services to various clients in different settings.

By completing the course "Assist With Medication Administration for PSWs," you open doors to a wide range of job opportunities in the healthcare field, where your expertise in safe and accurate medication administration will be highly valued.